Jumbo Corgi Reusable Shopping Bag


$4.99 flat rate shipping
Free Domestic shipping w/$99+ order total

Made from woven recycled PP material!

These GIANT shopping bags are sure to catch everyones eye as you load them with whatever you need. They have extra large gussets to carry a lot of stuff. They're super useful, light weight, and a MUST for all corgi fans!

  • Design appears on front and back of bag (gussets on either side and bottom say "Corgi On Fleek")
  • Measures 17.5 x 16"
  • 8" side gussets & box bottom increase bag capacity!
  • Made from woven recycled PP material

International Shipping Rate: $15 for first item, $5 for each additional item

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YouTubers: VlogAfterCollege

Ryen & Gatsby are best known for their YouTube channel, VlogAfterCollege, where they've gained a huge following with over hundreds of corgi-related videos and millions of views!

Corgi On Fleek was created as a way for fans to support Gatsby as well as to grab some unique corgi-themed merchandise. Ryen develops and ships all merchandise. Everything you get is a unique product, not sold anywhere else! 

Frequently asked questions

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How does shipping work?

Your order will usually take up to 3 business days to be packaged and shipped out. 

Domestic shipping rate: $4.99 flat rate (order as much as you want). Free domestic shipping with $99+ order total. 
International shipping rate: $15 for first item, $5 for each additional item.

How big are the bags?

Mini Tote: 13 x 11"
Cotton Tote: 15 x 14"

Canvas Tote: 14.5 x 15.5"
Shopping Bags: 17.5 x 16"

Will you be restocking a bag?

Due to the high production cost, most bags will not be reprinted. All bags are limited edition: grab them while you can! 

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