Corgi On Fleek Folder Sleeve Organizer

Corgi On Fleek Folder Sleeve Organizer

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Get your life organized with a corgi in style! Whether you need to transport your homework, organize papers for work, or just brighten your life, these plastic folder sleeves are the perfect choice for any corgi lover! The back of each folder includes Gatsby with his favorite foods: watermelon, broccoli, and Napa cabbage. 

  • One Folder Sleeve $5.99: Gatsby eating watermelon
  • Folder Sleeve Pack $12.99: Gatsby eating watermelon, Gatsby Upside Down, professor corgi

Folders roughly measure 8.75x12.25" perfect for your standard-size sheets of paper.

International Shipping Rate: $10 flat rate for as many folders, calendars, and stickers combined!