Corgi Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Pieces [Limited Edition]


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Keep up the high spirits with a smiling corgi jigsaw puzzle! These adorable puzzles  are the perfect way to have fun while staying home. Turn on some music, play an audio book, drink some wine, and de-stress with a corgi puzzle your whole family can participate in. Puzzles are very limited quantities! 

  • High quality printed cardboard puzzle (1000 pieces)
  • Completed puzzle measures approx 20 x 27.5" (50x70cm)
  • Comes in organza bag with a smaller printed poster
  • Difficulty Level: moderate to high (see Ryen's completion time below for his rating); Should last you some time (recommended for ages 10+)

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Ryen's completion time:
Furry Friend Selfie Puzzle (difficulty: high): 14 hours
Fruit Fantasy Puzzle (difficulty: moderate-high): 15.25 hours
Watermelon Wonderland (difficulty: moderate): 10.25 hours
Balloon Bonanza (difficulty: moderate): 8.25 hours
Corgi Kiosk (difficulty: high): 8 hours

International Shipping Rate: $25

Ryen's puzzle ratings & time to beat

Ryen's 500 Piece Puzzle Rating & Time:

  • Corgi Feast (difficulty: 5/10): 1 hour 50 min
  • Shave Ice (difficulty: 7/10): 2 hours 30 min

Ryen's 1000 Piece Puzzle Rating & Time:

  • Fruit Fantasy (difficulty: 8.5/10): 15 hours 15 min
  • Corgi Kiosk (difficulty: 9.5/10): 8 hours
  • Furry Friends Selfie (difficulty: 9/10): 14 hours
  • Watermelon Wonderland (difficulty: 6/10): 10 hours 15 min
  • Balloon Bonanza (difficulty: 5.5/10): 8 hours 15 min

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YouTubers: VlogAfterCollege

Ryen & Gatsby are best known for their YouTube channel, VlogAfterCollege, where they've gained a huge following with over hundreds of corgi-related videos and millions of views!

Corgi On Fleek was created as a way for fans to support Gatsby as well as to grab some unique corgi-themed merchandise. Ryen develops and ships all merchandise. Everything you get is a unique product, not sold anywhere else! 

Frequently asked questions

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How does shipping work?

Your order will usually take up to 3 business days to be packaged and shipped out. 

Domestic shipping rate: $4.99 flat rate (order as much as you want). Free domestic shipping with $99+ order total. Puzzles usually ship via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Mail.
International shipping rate: $25. Puzzles usually ship Global Post International or DHL.

How big are the completed puzzles?

500 piece puzzles measure approx 20.5 x 15"
1000 piece puzzles measure approx 20 x 27.5"

What comes inside?

Each puzzle comes in a drawstring organza bag with a poster of the completed image (folded).

Will you be restocking a puzzle?

Due to the high production cost, most puzzles will not be reprinted. All puzzles are limited edition: grab them while you can! 

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